Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tel Aviv's Coolest Start-Ups ✡ "My Cities Will Spread Out With Bounty"

Thus said the Lord, 'My cities will once again spread out with bounty.'


כֹּה אָמַר יְ-הוָה צְבָאוֹת עוֹד תְּפוּצֶנָה עָרַי מִטּוֹב

זְכַרְיָה א:יז

ko a-mar a-do-nai tz'-va-ot od t'-fu-tze na a-ray mi-tov

Today's Israel Inspiration

How fortunate we are to witness God's blessing fulfilled and Israel "spreading out with bounty," emerging as a world leader in innovation and technology. Just one of these amazing new Israeli start-ups is called TravelersBox which operates automatic kiosks at international airports all over the world, allowing travelers to redeem foreign coins and cash for gift cards, paypal credits, and more. Pretty cool, huh? Share in the blessings of the Start-up Nation with iAngels, an equity crowdfunding platform that gives private investors worldwide insider access to startups like TravelersBox, led by Israel's top angels.

Economic Miracle in the
Holy Land

What is it about Tel Aviv that spawns such incredible creativity and innovation? It’s all about an ecosystem of talented people unafraid of challenge, hard work, and ideals of changing the world.

Prophecy Fulfilled!

Not only has the physical Land of Israel blossomed through amazing technological and agricultural developments, but investing in Israel has become one of the most financially lucrative options available today in the world’s fragile economy.

Paul Shaffer the "Mensch"

When David Letterman steps downtonight from his Late Show, his side kick Paul Shaffer, the passionate and committed Jewish musician, will do the same.

"Chai" Keychain

This sturdy keychain features the Hebrew word, Chai, which means “life”. This meaningful symbol is commonly seen in Jewish life, for Judaism celebrates life! The numerical value of the word in Hebrew is 18, which is a number of great spiritual significance in Judaism. L’chaim!

Today's Israel Photo

Daniel Malkiel's gorgeous photo of Tel Aviv. The name Tel Aviv has a rich Hebrew meaning. "Tel" indicates an historically significant mound, with layers of civilization below it, while "Aviv" means springtime and alludes to new and fresh vitality.

Yesterday's Photo Trivia

Thanks to all who responded to yesterday's photo trivia! Yehoshua Halevi's photo featured Nimrod's Fortress, the the biggest Crusade-era castle in all of Israel, dating back to the 13th century. Located in the beautiful setting of the Golan Heighs, these well-preserved ruins are a truly visible snapshot of history.

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