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And of Joseph he said: “His land shall be blessed by the Lord, with the sweetness of the heavens with dew, and with the deep that lies below.”


וּלְיוֹסֵף אָמַר מְבֹרֶכֶת יְ-הֹוָה אַרְצוֹ מִמֶּגֶד שָׁמַיִם מִטָּל וּמִתְּהוֹם רֹבֶצֶת תָּחַת

דברים לג:יג

u-l'-yo-sayf a-mar m'-vo-re-khet a-do-nai ar-tzo mi-me-ged sha-mai-yim mi-tal u-mit-hom ro-ve-tzet ta-khat

Today's Israel Inspiration

The Hebrew name for Joseph is Yosef, meaning “he will add,” alluding to his mother Rachel’s desire to be blessed with more children. A deeper meaning relates to Joseph receiving some of the most abundant material blessings in all of the Torah. His ancestral land includes the green fertile Jezreel Valley in northern Israel. Zion Oil has begun exploration in the “deep that lies below” Joseph’s land, searching for valuable oil that may be uncovered in his blessed soil. Dig deeper into Zion Oil’s “Joseph Project” with their fascinating free books.

Explore the Jezreel Valley from Above

See the Jezreel Valley in this great video featuring a hot air balloon festival, which brought participants from around the world to be inspired by the air and land of Israel.

Oil for Israel’s Security

The Obama administration has for the first time refused to reissue its contract with Israel guaranteeing them an oil supply in a time of conflict, leaving Israel more in need of its own oil supply than ever before.

Hebrew Name Necklace

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Today's Israel Photo

The Jezreel Valley by Ilan Rosen. For thousands of years, this area was only known for its rich Biblical history. When the Zionist pioneers found it a century ago, it was a malaria infested swampland, yet through their love and labor, this fertile area became rich and productive farmland.

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Israel365 has been such an eye opener to the rich history of this nation. The bible verses have led me to many sites to explore of the truth of God. Thank you so much. Maseru Lesotho

I live in London, United Kingdom, but having been visiting Israel from 1966, I have driven over its different borders, and love this superb country and its people, hence my return on a regular basis. Love the open spaces in particular, and the desert all the way to the Dead Sea & Eilat. Its special beauty, silence & special wild life as well as its botany... love it... So appreciate the photos which immediately transport me there in an instant... Keep them coming. Ayee MdC
Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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