Thursday, June 8, 2017

Prophecy: President Trump Will Bring Prosperity Back to America - BOB ESCHLIMAN CHARISMA NEWS

President Donald Trump has honored God, and America will be blessed with new prosperity through his presidency, Darren Canning wrote Thursday. (Reuters photo)

Prophecy: President Trump Will Bring Prosperity Back to America

Revivalist preacher Darren Canning recently had a vision on President Donald Trump standing next to what he described as a "working-class man" in which the man's hands were suddenly filled with pieces of gold.
"The United States is about to see a new boom in its economy, and it will be greater than what we have seen during previous years," he wrote in an article published Thursday at Elijah List. "If you remember the dishonor from the previous administration toward Israel, it is no surprise the people of the USA were struggling the way that they were. The polar opposite was displayed recently, when President Trump was seen saying a prayer at the Wailing Wall, and meeting and honoring the president of Israel. Something has changed in America. God is going to bless it again!"
Canning said that in the spirit of Genesis 12:3, God has seen the steps the president has taken with regard to His chosen people. The president has also taken steps to protect the religious liberties of Christians, which Canning said not only strengthens the voice of American Christians, but those of Christians throughout the Western world.
Elijah and Jezebel are at war, he noted, but the tide of that war has changed.
"The prophets of evil seem to be strong, but there is a change coming," he wrote. "God will not allow them to reign forever. He is raising up a standard against apostasy and He will be glorified in the USA again.
"Something is about to shift. The enemy will try to play his hand, and he will overplay his role and he will come crashing down. Jesus will be honored and the law of sin and death will be exposed for what it is: sin and death."

Click here to read the rest of Canning's article at the Elijah List website. 
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