Friday, June 9, 2017

Wonder Woman Ban Spreads Due to Israeli Star; Shocking Pro-Terrorist Ad in Jewish Paper - UNTIED WITH ISRAEL

United with Israel
June 9, 2017
Israeli Star Causes Wonder Woman Ban to Spread Across Arab World
Pro-Terrorist Ad in Jewish Newspaper is Shocking and Disgraceful
WATCH: Online Anti-Semitism is Alarmingly Violent and Widespread
ACT NOW! Demand PayPal Close Neo-Nazi Account 
WATCH: At What Point is Islamist Rhetoric a Crime? 
Knesset and Congress Jointly Celebrate 50 Years of Jerusalem Reunification 
WATCH: Celebrating Israel Can Be So Much Fun! 
US Ambassador to UN Human Rights Council: Stop ‘Chronic’ Israel Bashing 
Who is this Palestinian Leader Lying to – Israelis Or Palestinians? 
WATCH: Kosher Restaurants Targeted in Manchester Arson Attacks 
The Facts Show: ‘Israeli Occupation’ is Good for the Palestinians 
WATCH: Palestinian-American Imam Radicalized London Bridge Terrorist 
UNRWA Apologizes for Using Fake Photo to Attack Israel Over Gaza 
Living Torah: There’s No Alternative to Hard Work 
Gamble Backfires as Tories Remain UK’s Largest Party but Lose Majority 
North Korea Fires Cruise Missiles 
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Hostage, Murder Incident in Australia 
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