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You Said - worship song Darlene Zschech - Hillsongs' worship leader - Beech Mountain, NC highway

You Said - worship song 
Darlene Zschech - Hillsongs' worship leader 
Beech Mountain, NC highway

June 17, 2017 Sat. 7 am
Video by Steve Martin

Published on Jun 17, 2017

You Said - worship song Darlene Zschech - Hillsongs' worship leader - Beech Mountain, NC highway

June 17, 2017 Sat. 7 am

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      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Darlene Zschech
      Background information
      Birth nameDarlene Joyce Steinhardt
      Born8 September 1965 (age 51)
      BrisbaneQueensland, Australia
      OriginSydneyNew South Wales, Australia
      GenresContemporary worship musiccontemporary Christian music
      Years active1989–present
      Darlene Joyce Zschech (/dɑːrˈln ˈɛk/; born Steinhardt on 8 September 1965) is an Australian Pentecostal Christian worship leader and singer-songwriter who primarily writes praise and worship songs. Described as a "pioneer of the modern worship movement",[1] she is the former worship pastor of Hillsong Church and is currently a member of Compassionart, a charity founded by Martin Smith.[2]

      Life and career[edit]

      Zschech started on television at the age of 10, as part of an Australian children's show, Happy Go Round.[3] When she was 13, her parents divorced[4] and the emotional stress of being on television and her parents' divorce resulted in her having bulimia for about four years.[5]
      In 1980, when Zschech was 15, her father rededicated his life to Christ and began taking her to church, where she also became a committed Christian and met her future husband, Mark Zschech.[6] When they married, her husband suggested that they move from Brisbane to Sydney, which was confirmed at a small church they were visiting one Sunday when the guest speaker said in the middle of his sermon, "This doesn't happen to me very often, but whatever it is you two prayed last night, God says do it now."[7] They began attending Hills Christian Life Centre, which would become Hillsong Church.
      Zschech sang jingles for a number of international companies including McDonald'sKFC and Coca-Cola,[8] until she eventually joined the staff of Hillsong Church after penning "Shout to the Lord".[6] She released a vinyl album in 1987 called "Make the Choice" and a cassette album in 1993 called Pearls & Gold.[9]
      Zschech and her husband have three daughters, Amy, Chloe and Zoe. In 2000 she had a miscarriage after 12 weeks.[10]
      Shout to the Lord was nominated as Album of the Year for the 1997 Dove Awards and was nominated as Song of the Year for the 1998 Dove Awards. In 2000, Zschech received a Dove Award nomination for Songwriter of the Year and received the International Award for influence in praise and worship.
      In 2003, Zschech released her first official solo album, Kiss of HeavenChange Your World followed in 2005. She has since released two albums, in 2011, called Simply Darlene and You Are Love. In addition to writing songs, she has written five books: Worship (1996), Extravagant Worship (2002), The Kiss of Heaven (2003), The Great Generational Transition (2009) and Revealing Jesus: A 365-Day Devotional (2013).
      On 11 December 2013, Zschech was diagnosed with breast cancer.[11] In a blog dated 30 November 2014, she wrote that she has been healed of cancer, which her doctor termed "quite miraculous".[12]

      Hillsong Church[edit]

      Zschech was the worship pastor of Hillsong Church from 1996 to 2007, during which time she served as producer, vocal producer or executive producer for more than 20 albums under the Hillsong Music label and wrote more than 80 published worship songs.[13] Under Zschech's leadership, the album People Just Like Us (1994) was the first Christian album in Australia to go Gold as well as the first to go Platinum[14] and the album For All You've Done (2004) debuted at #1 on the Australian Record Industry Association album charts.[15] Zschech explained Hillsong Music's stance in her book Extravagant Worship in a prayer: "Father, let them quickly get their eyes off of us. We just want to point them to you, God, because you are the Author of truth. You are the only One who is to be praised."[14]
      Zschech stepped down as worship pastor in 2007, but continued to write songs for Hillsong and to serve as senior worship leader on their live albums. Reuben Morgan was appointed Hillsong worship pastor in 2008.

      Hope Unlimited Church[edit]

      In January 2011, Zschech and her husband, Mark, became senior pastors at Church Unlimited, later renamed Hope Unlimited Church, in Charmhaven on the Central Coast.[16]HopeUC hosts an annual relationships conference, "The Living Room", that focuses on all aspects of relationships.[citation needed]

      Hope Global[edit]

      In April 2004, the Zschech family visited Rwanda, Africa and were inspired to launch "Hope Rwanda: 100 Days of Hope", a faith-based global initiative that provided hygiene options and education for the citizens of Rwanda, which eventually morphed into Hope Global.[17] According to the official website, Hope Global currently exists to "offer practical solutions to countries devastated by war, genocide, and poverty."[18] It has major centres in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Cambodia, runs long-term development projects, such as Hope Education and the Village of Hope, and has hosted Parramatta Eels trips to Rwanda with CEO Paul Osborne.

      "Shout to the Lord"[edit]

      Zschech composed "Shout to the Lord" in 1993 and it has become one of the most well-known modern worship songs, being sung by an estimated 25-30 million churchgoers every Sunday since the song's release.[19] She wrote the song during a time of personal struggle.[20] When she presented it to Hillsong's then-worship pastor, Geoff Bullock, she was so embarrassed that she requested he face away from her as she played and sang.[20]
      "Shout to the Lord" was first recorded on People Just Like Us and has appeared on more than 200 different albums by numerous artists in multiple languages. It is also the title track for the first live album co-produced with Integrity Music featuring Zschech as a worship leader. It was Integrity Music's first album to feature a female worship leader. The album was nominated for the 1997 Dove Awards "Praise & Worship Album of the Year" at the Gospel Music Awards. The song was nominated in the 1998 Dove Awards "Song of the Year" category. It has been performed for the Pope at the Vatican and for the President of the United States.[21]
      On the global impact of "Shout to the Lord", Zschech said, "I can't take any credit for its impact. God decided to put his blessing on this song."[6]


      Songs written or co-written by Zschech include:
      • Stone's Been Rolled Away (1993)
        • "Your Name"
      • "People Just Like Us" (1994)
      • Friends in High Places (1995)
        • "Praise His Holy Name"
        • "Rock of Ages", with Geoff Bullock
        • "Lord I Give Myself"
      • God Is in the House (1996)
        • "God Is in the House" with Russell Fragar
        • "And That My Soul Knows Very Well" with Fragar
        • "Let the Peace of God Reign"
        • "Walking in the Light"
        • "I Will Run to You"
      • All Things Are Possible (1997)
        • "All Things Are Possible"
        • "I Live to Know You"
        • "I Know It"
        • "Glory to the King"
      • Touching Heaven Changing Earth (1998)
        • "That's What We Came Here For" with Fragar
        • "I Will Bless You Lord"
        • "Jesus You're All I Need"
        • "The Potter's Hand"
      • By Your Side (1999)
        • "Sing of Your Great Love"
        • "Free to Dance"
      • For This Cause (2000)
        • "Here to Eternity", with David Moyse
        • "It Is You"
      • You Are My World (2001)
        • "Irresistible"
        • "Glorious"
        • "To You"
        • "Worthy Is the Lamb"
      • Blessed (2002)
      • Hope (2003)
        • "My Hope"
        • "Call"
        • "You Are"
      • For All You've Done (2004)
        • "You Are Worthy"
        • "Glorify Your Name", with David Holmes
      • God He Reigns (2005)
        • "Saviour"
        • "Know You More"
      • Mighty to Save (2006)
        • "More to See", with Mia Fieldes, Deborah Ezzy (Zschech's sister), Donia Makadonez and Nigel Hendroff
        • "I Believe"
        • "At the Cross", with Reuben Morgan
      • Saviour King (2007)
      • This Is Our God (2008)
        • "High and Lifted Up", with Mike Guglielmucci
      • Faith + Hope + Love (2009)
      • A Beautiful Exchange (2010)
      • God is Able (2011)
        • "Cry of the Broken"
      • You Are Love (2011)
        • "Under Grace"
        • "Saving Me"
        • "You Are Love"
        • "We are Your People"
        • "I Will Wait"
        • "Beautiful"
        • "Hope for Humanity"
        • "Faithful"
        • "Cry of the Broken"
        • "Face to face"
      • Revealing Jesus (2013)
        • "God Is Here"
        • "In Jesus' Name"
        • "Victor's Crown"
        • "Yours Forever (You Took the Nails)"
        • "My Jesus I Love Thee (I Love You Jesus)"
        • "Your Name/Cry of the Broken"
        • "I Am Yours"
        • "Shout to the Lord" (DVD only)
      • Here I Am / Send Me[citation needed] (2017)
        • "You are Great"
        • "You will be Praised"
        • "Daylight"
        • "Kingdom Come"
        • "First Love"
        • "Love and Wonder"
        • "Your Eyes"
        • "Emmanuel"
        • "Beloved (When I Survey)"
        • "Here I Am / Send Me"
        • "Go"


      The following is a list by year of albums or single tracks which feature Zschech as a prominent vocalist or worship leader.
      YearFeatured onNotes
      1987Make the Choice (Darlene Zschech)first solo studio album release
      1988Spirit and Truth (Hillsong Music International)first album released by Hillsong
      1990Show Your Glory (Hillsong Music Australia)
      1992The Power Of Your Love (Hillsong Music Australia)first live album released by Hillsong
      1993Stone's Been Rolled Away (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Your Name"
      1993Pearls & Gold (Darlene Zschech)
      1994People Just Like Us (Hillsong Music Australia)first recording of "Shout to the Lord"
      1994The song "Shout to the Lord" from Jump to the Jam (Youth Alive / Hillsong Music Australia)
      1995"Friends in High Places (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Praise His Holy Name", "Rock of Ages" with Geoff Bullock, and "Lord I Give Myself"
      1996God is in the House (Hillsong Music Australia)first Hillsong Live album as Worship Pastor; wrote "God Is in the House" with Russell Fragar, "And That My Soul Knows Very Well" with Fragar, "Let the Peace of God Reign", "Walking in the Light", and "I Will Run To You"
      1996Simply Worship (Hillsong Music Australia)
      1996The song "And That My Soul Knows Very Well" on Chosen One (Youth Alive / Hillsong Music Australia)
      1996Shout to the Lord (Integrity Music)first Integrity album to feature a prominent female worship leader, Darlene Zschech
      1997All Things Are Possible (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "All Things Are Possible", "I Live to Know You", "I Know It", and "Glory to the King"
      1997Simply Worship 2 (Hillsong Music Australia)
      1997Hills Praise (Hillsong Music Australia and Integrity Music)
      1997I Believe the Promise (London Christian Media Centre)
      1998Touching Heaven, Changing Earth (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote the songs "That's What We Came Here For" with Fragar, "I Will Bless You Lord", "Jesus You're All I Need", and "The Potter's Hand"
      1998Simply Worship 3 (Hillsong Music Australia)
      1998Shout to the Lord 2000 (Integrity Music)
      1999By Your Side (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Sing of Your Great Love" and "Free to Dance"; Album received a nomination for the 2001 Dove Awards 'Praise & Worship Album of the Year' at the Gospel Music Awards
      2000For This Cause (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Here to Eternity" with David Moyse and "It Is You"
      2000The Power of Your Love Symphony (Sony Music)
      2000Overwhelmed (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Overwhelmed", "Jesus, Our Lord Jesus", and "The Lord is Good" with Reuben Morgan
      2000You Shine (Hillsong Music Australia)
      2000"The Platinum Collection Volume 1: Shout to the Lord" (Hillsong Music Australia)originally published as "Millennium: The Story So Far"; a compilation of previously recorded songs by the Hillsong team
      2001"You Are My World" (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Irresistible", "Glorious", "To You", and "Worthy Is the Lamb"; Album received a nomination for the 2002 Dove Awards 'Praise & Worship Album of the Year' at the Gospel Music Awards
      2001"Christmas" (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Perfect Love" with Russell Fragar and "Hallelujah"
      2002"Blessed" (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Blessed" with Reuben Morgan; Album received a nomination for the 2003 Dove Awards 'Praise & Worship Album of the Year' at the Gospel Music Awards
      2002Extravagant Worship: The Songs of Darlene Zschech (Hillsong Music Australia)a compilation of previously recorded songs; the tracks that were written by Zschech but previously recorded by a different lead vocalist were re-recorded with Zschech as the lead vocal
      2002Extravagant Worship: The Songs of Reuben Morgan (Hillsong Music Australia)
      2003Hope (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "My Hope", "Call", and "You Are"; the song "My Hope" was nominated for the 2004 Dove Awards 'Inspirational Song of the Year' at the Gospel Music Awards
      2003Kiss of Heaven (Darlene Zschech)
      2003Amazing Love (Hillsong Music Australia)
      2003The Platinum Collection Volume 2: Shout to the Lord 2 (Hillsong Music Australia)a compilation of previously recorded songs by the Hillsong team, plus a studio-recorded version of Zschech's song "My Hope"
      2004For All You've Done (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "You Are Worthy" and "Glorify Your Name" with David Holmes
      2004Faithful (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Mercy Endures"
      2004UP: Unified Praise (Hillsong Music Australia)Zschech and the Hillsong team join with Delirious?
      2005God He Reigns (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Saviour" and "Know You More"
      2005Celebrating Christmas (Hillsong Music Australia)
      2005Ultimate Worship (Hillsong Music Australia)
      2005Change Your World (Darlene Zschech)
      2006"Mighty to Save (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "More to See" with Mia Fieldes, Deborah Ezzy (Zschech's sister), Donia Makadonez & Nigel Hendroff, "I Believe", and "At the Cross" with Reuben Morgan; The song "Mighty to Save" written by Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan received the 2009 Dove Awards 'Worship Song of the Year' at the Gospel Music Awards
      2006Songs for Communion (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "The Only Name", "Saviour" (which was previously recorded live on the album God He Reigns'), "Oh the Blood", and "Worthy is the Lamb" (which was previously recorded live on You Are My World and Unified Praise)
      2006Supernatural (Hillsong Kids/Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "I Will Sing" with Gio Galanti and daughters Chloe Zschech and Zoe Zschech
      2007Saviour King (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "One Thing" with Marty Sampson
      2007Lord of All (Hillsong Music Australia)
      2008This Is Our God (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "High and Lifted Up" with Mike Guglielmucci
      2008Ultimate Collection Volume II (Hillsong Music Australia)a compilation of previously released songs
      2009Songs 4 Worship 50featured on the songs "Shout to the Lord" and "My Redeemer Lives"
      2009Faith + Hope + Love (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "His Glory Appears" with Marty Sampson
      2010A Beautiful Exchange (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Believe" with Reuben Morgan
      2010The Very Best of Graham Kendrick: Knowing You Jesus (Graham Kendrick)featured on the songs "There is a Hope So Sure" and "Until the Day"
      2010Con Todo (Hillsong Music Australia)Zschech sings in Spanish; the album won the award for Spanish Language Album of the Year at the 42nd GMA Dove Awards
      2010One Voicefeatured on the song "Awesome Wonder"
      2011God is Able (Hillsong Music Australia)wrote "Cry of the Broken"
      2011Simply Darlene (Darlene Zschech)
      2011You Are Love (Darlene Zschech)
      2011Songs 4 Worship Ultimatefeatured on the song "Face to Face" which she wrote
      2011The song "Lo Grande Que Eres Dios" on the album En Mi Lugar (Hillsong Music Australia)Zschech sings in Spanish
      2011The song "Emmanuel" on the album Born is the King (Hillsong Music Australia)
      2011Music Inspired by The Storyfeatured on a duet with Michael W. Smith on the track "The Great Day (Second Coming)"
      2012The song "Es Tu Amor" on the album Global Project Español (Hillsong Music Australia)Zschech sings in Spanish
      201225 Songs That Changed the Way We Worshipfeatured on the song "Shout to the Lord"
      2012Hopefeatured on the song "My Hope"
      2012The song "Emmanuel" on the album We Have a Saviour (Hillsong Music Australia)
      2013The Rescue (Sidney Mohede)featured on the song "It is Done"
      2013Revealing Jesus (Darlene Zschech)Zschech's first official live solo album
      2013Worship Duets (Graham Kendrick)featured on the song "That Name"
      2013Just As I Am (A Legacy of Hymns and Worship)featured on the song "My Jesus I Love Thee (I Love You Jesus)"
      2013In Christ Alone: 25 of Today's Most Powerful Modern Hymnsfeatured on the song "Your Name/Cry of the Broken"
      2013My Hope: Songs Inspired by the Message and Mission of Billy Grahamfeatured on the song "The Cross of Christ", which she wrote
      2014Only King Forever (Elevation Worship)featured on the song "The Love of Jesus"
      2014Heaven is For Real: Songs Inspired by the Film and Best-Selling Bookcomposed and featured as lead vocal on the song "Heaven in Me"
      2015In Jesus' Name: A Legacy of Worship & Faitha compilation of previously recorded songs
      2017Here I Am Send Me (Darlene Zschech)live album

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